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Situated in the heart of the Kemp Town village, Zona Rosa offers a friendly, casual, and colourful atmosphere in which to enjoy traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Our menu features a broad range of Mexican fare with international influences and an emphasis on fresh ingredients and flavour combinations. Taking essentials like tamales, quesadillas, and burritos as well as our more inventive speciality items, our ambition at Zona Rosa is to share and spread our appreciation for a cuisine and style which is gaining popularity in this part of the world.

While sticking to traditional Mexican ingredients and preparation, our menu represents the local green-thinking population of Brighton, with an abundance of vegetarian and gluten-free options to eat in or take away. We also offer a taster menu featuring a mix of our best dishes for those who are making their first foray into Mexican cuisine (or simply can’t make up their mind).


Our restaurant gets its name from a district in Mexico’s capital which is known for its multicultural communities, bohemian atmosphere, appeal to creatives, and its LGBT+ community. As one of Mexico City’s barrios mágicos (magical neighbourhoods), Zona Rosa attracts international tourism with its myriad shops, cafés, clubs, and restaurants, as well as its art and architecture. At our restaurant, we hope to reflect the eclectic and colourful atmosphere of the original Zona Rosa - and what better place to do so than Brighton’s vibrant and diverse Kemp Town!

Our Head Chef: Nick Roberts was born and raised in Shropshire, moved to London, and perfected his art working for Harrods, The Groucho Club, and The Terrence Conran Group. Moving into the corporate world, Nick then worked for one of the world's leading brand design agencies, Wolff Olins, and working with London inner-city charity Global Generation, he helped create rooftop gardens and set up two beehives in their office block based in Kings Cross. On moving to Brighton, he was head chef at Brighton Rocks and The Independent before embarking on this new project at Zona Rosa.


We would rather see you here and brighten your day - but if you can't face the winter, we will deliver [CLICK HERE]

Nacho – Cactus, yellow corn, chipotle and guajillo tortilla chips. Guacamole, Pico de gallo, sour cream, mature cheese and jalapeno. GF/V £5.85 /£8.75
- Beef. GF £8.85 / £13.25
- Chicken Tinga. GF £8.25 / £12.35
- Pork Pibil. GF £8.35 / £12.55   

Mollette – Rustic bread, refried black beans cooked with avocado leaf and cascabel chilli, melted mature     cheddar, Pico de gallo. V £4.00
Potato and pea empanadas, coriander and lime yogurt. V. £4.50
Salt cod fritters, orange and chipotle aioli. £4.50
Hot Tamale - Roast jalapeno and Sussex high weald ricotta, with sour cream and tomatillo salsa. V £4.25

Pork Pibil, khol rabi, Yucatan red onions. GF £5.25
Chicken Tinga. Radish, spring onion and coriander.  GF £5.25
Cactus, roast corn, Sussex high weald ricotta, mint and tomatillo salsa. GF/V £5.00
Black bean, cheese, avocado, Yucatan red onion and coriander. GF/V £5.00
Mackerel and prawn ceviche. GF £6.25

Burrito, Bowl, Taco
Pork Pibil. £8.50
Steak Barbacoa. £9.50
Chicken Tinga. £8.25
Locally caught battered. £9.00
Tofu marinated in chilli and lime.  V £8.50

Refried black beans cooked with avocado leaf and cascabel chilli, mature cheddar.  V £6.00
Chorizo, mature cheddar, potato and thyme. £6.50
Pineapple, red onion, chilli, coriander and cheese.  V £6.25
Chicken, cheese, Pinto bean. £6.50

Playa Brighton – Locally caught battered fish, minted pea puree, straw potatoes and tomato salsa. £9.00
Land and sea – Grilled steak and prawn, refried beans, rice, salsa, sour cream, cheese and avocado. £9.95
A long way from home – Chicken, Asian slaw, rice, thai peanut sauce. £9.00
The Powerhouse Superfood Burrito– Tofu, Quinoa with roast corn and pinto beans, spinach. Avocado, salsa and cheese. spinach tortilla. V £9.00

Ceviche of local mackerel and prawn, avocado, tomato, chilli and lime. GF £9.95
Chicken, avocado, cucumber, crispy tortilla, green chilli salsa £9.25
Quinoa salad of quinoa, roast corn, pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, herbs and spinach. GF/V £9.00


Roast sweet potato with chilli lime salt GF/V £3.50
Red cabbage slaw. GF/V £2.25
Corn, smoked paprika, lime, pecorino. GF/V£4.00
Refried black beans. Sussex high weald ricotta, Yucatan red onions and corriander. GF/V £3.00
Tortilla chips GF/V £1.85

Pico de gallo. GF/V £1.50
Guacamole. GF/V  £1.85
Tomatillo Salsa GF/V £1.50
Sour cream GF/V £1.25
Cheese CF/V £1.25
Jalepeno GF/V £1.25

Churros with chocolate sauce. V £5.00
Flan Mexicano, fried ribbon cookies. V £4.50
Toasted cornbread, berries and vanilla cream. V £5.00
Sussex ice cream company:
Salted caramel ice cream. V £4.50
After eight ice cream. V £4.50
Strawberries and cream. V £4.50
Passion fruit sorbet.  V £4.50

Zona Rosa Selection Menu

Dos £30

Uno V £24.50
Cactus, roast corn and Sussex high weald ricotta Tostada.
Pineapple, red onion, chilli, coriander and cheese Quesadilla.
Roast sweet potato with chilli lime salt.
Red cabbage slaw
Churros with chocolate sauce.

Dos £30
Chicken Tinga taco.
Salt cod fritters, orange and chipotle aioli.
Cactus, roasted corn, Sussex high weald ricotta and mint tostada.
Chorizo, potato, thyme quesadilla.
Red cabbage slaw.
Churros with chocolate sauce.

Tres 2 £36.50
Pork Pibil Tacos.
Ceviche tostada.
Pineapple, red onion, chilli, coriander and cheese Quesadilla.  
Roast sweet potato with chilli lime salt.
Toasted cornbread, berries, vanilla cream.

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